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Can I send newsletters and marketing campaigns? (Integration with MailChimp)

Bookeo integrates with MailChimp for all your mailing list needs. MailChimp is probably the most popular email marketing service available today. MailChimp offers advanced mailing list management, with colors and graphics, statistics, reports, and is free for up to 12,000 emails/month. If you do not have a Mailchimp account, click to sign up. To create marketing campaigns in Bookeo, you have to enable the integration with MailChimp.

In this article:

To set up the integration with Mailchimp, in your Bookeo account: 1. Go to Settings>Integration .

2.Click on MailChimp

3. Click the Enable MailChimp integration checkbox [1] . If you:

, click on the Connect to Mailchimp [2] button

, click on the Signup for a Mailchimp account button [3]

4 . To connect your Bookeo account with your Mailchimp account, input your Mailchimp username and your Mailchimppassword

5. You will be redirected to your Bookeo account, and you will see the Mailchimp account [4] username connected to your Bookeo account.

6.From the List [5] scroll down menu, select the Mailchimp list to which you want to send marketing campaigns and newsletters from Bookeo.If you haven't created a list yet, click on the link for information on how to create lists in MailChimp . 7.Tick the Default [6] checkbox if you do not require customers to explicitly agree to receive your newsletter. 8. Tick the Double Opt-in checkbox [7] if you want to enable it.If this option is enabled customers are not subscribed immediately. Instead, MailChimp will email them asking to confirm their subscription. Click on the link for more information on Shopping Buy Cheap Low Price Fee Shipping printed sleeveless blouse Pink amp; Purple Miu Miu Fashionable Cheap Price LWEc5d
9. Tick the Send welcome email checkbox [8] if you want to enable it.
10. In the Label [9] section, inputthe checkbox text that your customers will have to tick if they want to be included in your mailing list. Whennew customers make a booking,they will be asked if they want to receive your newsletters. If they agree, they will be automatically imported into your mailing list. 11. Click OK

W hen you enable the MailChimp integration Bookeo does not send your existing customer list to MailChimp, because you may not have their permission. However, you can import that list directly in your MailChimp list, making sure you follow MailChimp's guidelines explained at

To export customers from your Bookeo account: 1. Click on Customers 2. Click on the Export button. Select, which MailChimp can import directly.

In MailChimp you can create a segment to target specific subscribers in your list. The segments you create can be used to send targeted campaigns as well as saved for future use in your account. You can find instructions for creating segments here: Free Shipping Purchase Olive Green Vaughn Stretch Cotton Chinos New amp; Lingwood Manchester Great Sale Cheap Price b7L7QNVz
You can use Bookeo's reports to get addresses for a segment. For example, you can generate a report in Bookeo, in Marketing>Reports>Bookings to get a list of customers who signed up for a specific class. You can then import the file into MailChimp as segment.


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Reviewed by: Dr Helen Huins, 16 Apr 2018

Many people experience sweaty feet occasionally. However, for some people excessive foot sweating is a persisting problem which can be both difficult to manage and embarrassing. It may lead to smelly feet, and nobody likes stinky feet. This leaflet explains why feet sweat (which is normal) and how to stop your feet from being sweaty or smelly.

Sweaty Feet

In this series Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Why does sweating make feet smelly?

Sweat doesn't smell bad when it's produced. However, if sweat remains on skin (such as when it can't evaporate in warm conditions - for example, when trainers with non-'breathable' linings are worn), skin germs (bacteria) break down the sweat. This produces the characteristic smell of sweaty feet. We probably all remember this smell from school changing rooms.

Sweating is normal, but nobody wants stinky feet. Sweat is more likely to become smelly if:

How can I stop my feet from being sweaty and smelly?

Fortunately there are lots of remedies and strategies which can help to stop you having smelly sweaty feet.

Foot care strategies

The best socks for smelly feet

The best shoes for smelly feet

Foot products which might help smelly or sweaty feet

Other treatments

For those with excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), a treatment called iontophoresis is occasionally used. This is a treatment that uses electrical stimulation. This is normally a procedure done in a specialist clinic, but home treatment kits are available, although they are quite expensive. You can read more about this treatment in the separate leaflet called Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis).

What are the complications of excess foot sweating?

Why do my feet sweat?

Sweating is normal. It has three main functions:

Sweating on the soles has a fourth possible function of increasing friction on bare feet. This is thought to have helped our ancestors to increase the grip of feet on the ground when running from predators or any other threat.

Sweat is produced in sweat glands, which are distributed all over the body. With the exception of specialised sweat glands in the armpit and groin, most sweat glands are of a type called eccrine glands. They are set deep in the skin and are served by nerves and arteries.

The number of working sweat glands varies between parts of the body - and also between different people. In a pair of feet there are normally about 250,000 sweat glands which typically produce about half a pint of perspiration a day. Sweat glands are more concentrated on the feet than in any other part of the body.

When sweating activity is low only a small proportion of the glands will be working - as sweating increases, more glands are 'recruited'. The differences between people in terms of how much they sweat are in part due to how quickly and readily their glands are called into action.

Sweat is mostly water. However, it does contain some salts, including sodium chloride - which is why it has a salty taste.

How much do feet normally sweat?

The total amount of sweat we produce depends on the number of working sweat glands and their activity. This activity is regulated by nerves and hormones and affected by gender (men sweat more than women). When all the sweat glands are working at maximum capacity, the rate of perspiration for a human being may exceed three litres an hour.

Apocrine glands are found in the armpit and groin. These differ from eccrine glands in that their sweat contains hormones, proteins and sebum and is oily and cloudy. However, they are not present in the feet.

What makes you sweat more?

Excessive sweating most often occurs on palms, soles, face, scalp and armpits. Anyone can experience it. However, it's more common in teenagers and pregnant women because hormonal changes make them sweat more. The common causes of increased foot sweating are:

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Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

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