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Chenyan Zhang ; Andrew Perkis ; Sebastian Arndt
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In this paper, we defined and measured two types of immersion, namely, spatial immersion and emotional immersion, on flat 2D screen displays and using a 33-item questionnaire. Our results show that emotional immersion is significantly more immersive than spatial immersion in terms of sense of “being there”, time perception, realism, sense of engagement, emotional aspects, sensory cues, etc. Spatial immersion is almost as immersive as emotional emotion in terms of attention and image motion, and spatial immersion is more immersive than emotional immersion in terms of spatial dis-orientation. Our results also show that there are individual differences in the perception of immersion. Finally, we linked parameters of measurement with QoE influencing factors, in an aim to bridge the gap in the QoE assessment and modelling of immersive experience in storytelling.
Published in: 2017 Ninth International Conference on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX)
Date of Conference: 31 May-2 June 2017
Date Added to IEEE : 03 July 2017
ISBN Information:
Electronic ISBN: 978-1-5386-4024-1
Print on Demand(PoD) ISBN: 978-1-5386-4025-8
ISSN Information:
Electronic ISSN: 2472-7814
INSPEC Accession Number: 17011029
DOI: 10.1109/QoMEX.2017.7965655
Publisher: IEEE
Conference Location: Erfurt, Germany

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We suggest that these biopolitics are also anticipatory in nature and in some senses optimizing by definition. If optimization entails the effort to secure one's own, one's family's, one's group's, or even one's population's ‘best possible future,’ it also entails the sense that it must be continually expansive in orientation to do so. That is, optimization means not only maximizing one's chances for a best possible future but also that the pursuit of the ‘best possible’ is legitimately infinite in its scope and always ongoing. This can penetrate to the innermost regions of the body, the outermost regions of the globe, the earliest or latest moments of life, the largest and smallest of measurable things. As the mode of anticipation does not need actual objects or events, but must only imagine them as possible, the scope of optimization is unlimited.

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work on the World Machine simulation of global climate change poignantly details anticipations as optimization. The complete simulation of global climate change is always elusive as relevant data can expand from polar ice core samples to the dust on paintings at the Turner Art Gallery. The whole world in turn is abducted as data points, such that the full simulation is never fully reached. But since anticipation always exists in the domain of the uncertain, or not fully certain, it remains contestable and therefore actionable. At the same time, the moral force of this simulation constructs the problem of climate change as necessarily tied to the data points. The problem itself becomes unsolvable without a fully optimized solution that mobilizes everything and everyone. The tragedy here is the tyranny of optimization, in which action is delayed in the name of optimization, and yet cannot possibly achieve completion. It changes the present and thus generates new possible futures.

In regimes of anticipation, optimization can become realized as a kind of hallucination, a simulated future that envelops us to provoke affective and sensory states as well as practical responses in the present. As Orr (2006 , 2008 ) argues, efforts to simulate world disaster take place at the register of the ‘psychopolitical.’ War is fought not only on battlefields, but also in the hallucinatory register of how the future is simulated, projecting calls for particular militarizations. Optimizing the future becomes the of that optimization. The hallucinatory presence of the nightmare or fantasy future transforms anticipation from a call to action into a call for compliance with tyrannical futures.

Alternatively, the optimizations so smoothly proffered by biocapital may be subverted by what Classic Vanessa Seward Woman Oneshoulder Ruffled Crepe De Chine Top Turquoise Size 36 Vanessa Seward Release Dates Free Shipping Limited Edition Sale Affordable Discount Factory Outlet tGNNFVY
, p. 73) call ‘imperceptible politics’: ‘It is only possible to work the real conditions of the present by invoking imaginaries which take us beyond the present.’

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There could be a crisis in science, especially in the Womens Iam Floral Silk Wrap Dress Isabel Marant Buy Cheap Fast Delivery EkkECtClBx
and even medical sciences: Results are difficult to reproduce. Groundbreaking papers might reveal a first set of results, but attempts to repeat the studies reveal a different and sometimes even conflicting new set.

There are many factors as to why the same experiment might produce two different sets of results—but a new review confirms that the experimenter’s gender could play an important role. The researchers behind the review think that these biases could skew the results of clinical trials and misrepresent how well medications work. The authors suggest some policies, like new kinds of reporting and experimental controls, that they hope will help the problem in the future.

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North America's Weirdest Telescope
6/28/18 11:28pm

“I think the big takeaway is that [experimenter gender] is something that should be reported and tracked,” Colin Chapman, the study’s first author from Uppsala University in Sweden told Gizmodo. “Right now it isn’t, and it’s a very simple thing to control and report for. There’s really no excuse.”

Chapman’s team’s paper in Scientific Advances finds a number of concerning correlations. Children seem to do better on IQ tests when experimenters are female. Some studies find that men report less pain when the experimenter is female, but women report more pain when experimenters are male. Researchers studying sex find that men report more sexual encounters when a woman administers the questionnaire.

Chapman’s study tries to explain the difference with a few hypotheses, like the psychological and social stress of dealing with the opposite gender, or hoping to look more fit to a potential mate. Obviously these results are pretty rooted in the overarching majorities and social norms—but those social norms are biasing science.

The study concludes that it’s up to journals, funding agencies, and universities to require that experimenter gender be reported, and that an analysis of potential gender effects is included in research. Chapman also suggested a 50/50 gender split when it comes to selecting experimenters. Perhaps one day, computerized experimenters could reduce the bias.

If this seems unsurprising, it should be. It’s been a known problem for decades, Robert Rosenthal, distinguished professor of psychology at the University of California, Riverside, told Gizmodo. He published a book about experimenters and how they could affect behavioral research back in 1966. Chapman’s new paper serves as a reminder and to offer solutions.

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